S1.E2 – The Jilted Indians Go To A Protest


Puja here.


If you listened to the Pilot Episode (THANK YOU!!!) You know that we had plans to record a lot of content that day. If you follow us on social media (@JiltedIndianPod – EVERYWHERE), you know that instead of recording more of our brand of wit, we took our brown asses to DFW Airport and protested against the Muslim Ban.


In episode two we talked about the ban itself, which we hope you took the time to read about, we talked about the protest atmosphere itself, and we talked about self-care in times of protest. No Shitty Indian Points awarded, we weren’t shitty people.

This episode was recorded immediately upon returning from the protest (well after midnight), and you can hear the weariness in our voices. We do have audio from the protest itself to share with you, but that is for next week’s Bonus Episode!

For now, we need to come together as a Nation (and props to us, so far we are doing dynamite in sticking up for each other and being allies) and show our “representatives” and the world that America stands up to bigotry, that Americans are welcoming, and that we are intolerant of attempts to divide us.


Episode Two – The Jilted Indians Go To A Protest

Happy Year of the Hot Cock Fire Rooster, I’m still salty that the Marmalade Gorilla ruined our Lunar New Year.

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