S1.BE2 – Letters to Our Inner Child

We have a Bonus episode for you this week, but not to worry it is still filled with good content. We are working on some amazing segments, but it is proving difficult to get us free at the same time. Last week, Miranda attended a work conference where she was Empowering the HELL out of some of her students. And as she mentioned in Episode 3, she is all about empowering young women. #HellYes! After discussing that we wish we had heard “certain things” when we were the students’ ages.  Miranda suggested we actually talk about the different advice we wanted to receive when we were younger.

Bonus Episode 2 is entitled “Letter to Our Inner Child.” There is a theme in all of our letters, which we recorded being in different zip codes from each other:

Love yourself for who you are and mistakes do not make you a failure.

Let me repeat that:



Different zip codes and we manage to echo each other. We have a few disclaimers to issue (thank you Anju): we tend to keep things real here. Some of us go deep on a couple of pieces of advice and it may strike a cord with you; and we would love to hear from you regarding whether or not our advice and the advice you would give YOURSELF  are similar or if they are different. You can comment here, facebook or twitter.

And without further ado, here are Anju, Miranda and Puja telling our younger selves things we wished we had heard. Empower the young women in your life to love themselves for who they are.


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