S1E4 – “It’s A God Damn Duck!”

We’re back, did you miss us?

Since we last recorded, Anju attended SXSW podcasting sessions (she has ideas on how to make us better, be excited), Miranda presented at Texas Music Educators Association (which led to an offer of an amazing speaking engagement, GO GIRL!) and Puja sat on a panel hosted by the Dallas Morning News about Race and Diversity. Now you see why we needed a hiatus, but we are BACK!!!

And we think, better than before.

In episode 4, we introduce the official Shitty Indian game, check that out here, act like functional adults around our first guest as we talk about mental health, recent hate crimes against the Brown Community, and tips for self-care to navigate this new reality.

Our first guest, Shameela, talks to us about the importance of mental health, the stigma of “therapy,” and mental wellness in general within the Brown Community. Shameela is a marriage and family therapist based in North Texas. She began her private practice in 2010 and works with couples (both married and unmarried), teens,  young adults, and the LGBTQ community.

Shameela sticks around while we navigate our feels in wake of a spike in hate crimes against the Brown Community, identify the reluctance for people to call a hate crime a hate crime, and tips on self-care to cope with the increased stress and fear we are all feeling from these events.


You are welcome back anytime.

Shitty Indian Points Awarded This Episode: 

  • Anju –
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  • Puja –

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Suggested Supplemental Reading:

  • ACLU says ICE cannot enter your home or ‘take you for deportation’ unless they have a signed warrant from a judge. If they do not have a proper warrant and are insisting to enter your property, tell them they do not have authority, exercise your 5th Amendment rights, and ask to contact your attorney immediately. Do not lie, do not present false documents, do not sign anything without consent, review or approval by your attorney.https://www.aclu.org/files/kyr/kyr_no-abra-la-puerta.pdfhttps://www.aclu.org/files/kyr/kyr_abra-la-puerta.pdf
  • Listen to episode 15 of See Something Say Something where 1st Amendment Lawyer, Nabiha Syed, talks in detail options available for resisting customs and border patrol requests, and the reality of the consequences and unknown territory that this is for everyone involved. That See Something Say Something episode also highlights that we are being forced to make a choice between standing up for our rights OR just not bothering with the hassle (and escaping further traumatic experiences), and we agree with the conclusion reached: you make the choice that is right for you and your family’s circumstances.
  • Puja’s  Domestic Hate piece that calls out that Hate Crimes against Brown People are slow to be called as such, and are being called “Hate” crimes in the press
  • Learn more about mobile therapy apps here (we know the article is 2+ years old, but if you need a primer, that’s a good place to start).
  • Here are some FAQs on sleep hygiene,  from the National Sleep Foundation. The   on Twitter are rife with articles to get you caught up on what it is, why it is important, and different ways to achieve it.

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