S1.E7.5 Sex, Lies & Desi Dating Pt 2

Hey its Puja, if you haven’t already, you may want to check out Part 1 of this episode (it was juicy).

Listen to Part 2 here:

Alright, are your ready? As Miranda said at the top of this episode, this is a re-edit and re-issuance of this this episode. We cut about 10 minutes off where we went off topic and let our passions get the better of us in terms of keeping up our standard of presenting measured point/counter-point discussion. For those of you who heard the previous iteration, we will be addressing those topics in upcoming episodes, don’t worry.

Oooh our first “scandal.”

On to bidness, in this part we talk about our perfect partner and what the would need to bring to the table in order for us to commit marriage

Side note, I asked that my long-winded answer be cut from this episode and I accidentally deleted my written statement detailing what it would take for me to long term commit to someone…so I guess you’ll never know (don’t worry, I don’t either).

We talk about identity erasure, I use an example about Korean women being referred to as the mother of their child rather than their name, it literally took me an hour to find this clip (I got distracted)

Anju mentioned the Texas Rainy Day Fund, for those not in the know, click here.

I also mentioned that Lilly Singh said her work visa for the US was shortened from a year to 6 months, those tweets have been deleted…I tried to source it, but I could not find it, but either way, she probably got it straightened out.

We also play a game that is a variation on Fuck Marry Kill that I made up where I intended the categories are defined as such:


Miranda and I pretty much stick to that, but Priya felt that love is sidepiece and fuck is either marriage. Anju felt kill was the side piece because it meant you would have to spend less time with that person, leaving fuck as arranged marriage.

Round 1:

Aasif Mandvi
  • Anju – Sidepiece
  • Miranda – Love Marriage
  • Priya – Love Marriage (by default)
  • Puja – Arranged Marriage


Manish Dayal
  • Anju – Love Marriage
  • Miranda – Sidepiece
  • Priya – Arranged Marriage
  • Puja – Sidepiece


Lilly Singh
  • Anju – Arranged Marriage
  • Miranda – Love Marriage
  • Priya – Sidepiece
  • Puja – Love Marriage


Round 2

Round 2 FMK


Round 3 (Final):


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