S1.BE6 – Putting the LIE in ‘Sex & Lies’

Puja here again (or is it?). Dun Dun Dun…

No, it really is boring old me; Here to talk about this week’s bonus episode, it’s all about lies – or is it?

OK; I will stop that…or will I? <– That was the last one (or was it?).

Listen to Bonus Episode 6 Here:
Read Show Notes Here:

We welcome back Priya to this episode, which was recorded after Parts 1 & 2 of “Sex, Lies, & Desi Dating.” In our 6th bonus episode we talk about lies. Outright lies, lies of omission, and lies of convenience. We touch on why we started telling lies, who we lie/d/ to, and why we choose to keep some things to ourselves. And for kicks we throw in some anecdotes about actual lies we have told, mostly to our parents. Because who else would we lie to if not the two people who gave us life and fed and clothed us? If not them, who? Clearly, I lie to myself all the time; for example in this episode I lied to myself that I was not slurring as much as I actually was. In my defense, this was the third straight hour of recording, that is a lot of vodka tonics.

Thanks to Priya for lending her voice, opinions, and insights. You are always welcome back in the 4th chair.



As Miranda stated in the closing, please share with us some of the whoppers you have told, your reasons for lying, when and why you stopped (or why you won’t) and we may read them on air in a future episode.

You can hit us up on facebook, instagram, or twitter @jiltedindianpod. You can slide into our DMs, email us @ jiltedindianpod@gmail.com or fill out the form below if you are still living your lie. We promise we won’t judge. I understand the irony of saying that on the show notes for an episode about how we lie/d.

Thanks for sticking with us, we only have a few episodes left this season!

The “Oh have I got a story for you” Form:


I am going to close you out with a little lie haiku that I think best sums up this episode:

Secrets and Lies

“One cannot keep secrets without lying.

And one cannot lie

without protecting a secret.”

Akuma Kawashima 


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