S1.E8 – Spaces For Our Faces

One Saturday morning before 9am our hosts gathered to talk about spaces where representation seems to be getting better, in print ads and in the interwebs specifically. This week we talk about a schadenfreude, magazines, and the web series “Brown Girls.”

Listen to Episode 8 Here:
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We talk about Grey’s Anatomy setting a rapist on FIRE

Schadenfreude when you slap a racist like Starr does in The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Priyanka Chopra on the cover of May 2017 Glamour

O Magazine’s Role Reversal in their May 2017 Race Issue

We misspoke and said Mindy’s black and white cover was Glamour, it was actually Elle.  Remember the controversy was that she was the only minority woman and her cover was the only one in black in white? Well we do.

Mindy Elle

Peep Fox’s ad for season 2 of The Mindy Project.

White Mindy

Just a reminder this is what Mindy actually looks like

Mindy May 2017

Beyonce on the 2008 L’Oreal Feria boxes

Lee Byung-Hun is Storm Shadow in the GI JOE movies here is his South Korean Filmography.

These tweets prove how quickly we try to clean up legacies to the detriment to the Truth:

Traister Tweets

The article Miranda references in this episode is from NY Mag’s The Cut Why Don’t More South Asian Models Book Top Jobs.”

Some articles about Lakshmi Menon, Indian’s first supermodel How Lakshmi Menon Put India in VogueA conversation with Lakshmi Menon, and interestingly enough here is a 2016 Hindustan Times interview with her about how India’s fashion industry is obsessed with white skin.

This week’s Under the Shade Tree: This person on the over of Vogue India’s 10th Anniversary Issue (#ShittyIndian)

The Lab: Decoy by Canon Australia is the photo project where photographers were given a different backstory for the same subject.

Swapnil Shinde is designer from Project Runway references in this article. Check out some of his piece’s here


Shout out to Brown Girl Magazine and here is the 2014 piece by Jordan Elam’s about American Apparel’s Made in Bangladesh ad

And finally check out season 1 of Brown Girls, writer Fatimah Ashgar and director Sam Bailey’s interview with NPR’s code switch interview here and this lovely Colorlines interview here.

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