Hey y’all, Anju here.  We’re back this week to (FINALLY) discuss Rebecca Traister’s book All The Single Ladies.  If you feel like we’ve already done this, no, you’re not imagining it.  We’ve been referencing this book literally since episode one but we all (*cough* I *cough*) finally finished the book, so we can actually discuss it in detail now.  Whoo!

We also spend some time talking about the Wonder Woman movie that came out last week (YAY!), Alamo Drafthouse’s decision to offer a couple of women-only screenings in celebration of it, and the cavalcade of whiny man-babies who mobbed their Facebook and Twitter feeds as a result.  Time Warner should really thank Alamo for the unintentional PR stunt because it was a freaking brilliant way to ramp up enthusiasm for the film.

Now that we’ve finally finished our first book for the podcast, let us know what you think, what you’re reading, and what you think we should add to our list.  We want to hear your thoughts!

Listen to Episode 9 here:



If you haven’t already, definitely check out Rebecca Traister’s All The Single Ladies.  It’s well worth the read, even if you read at the speed of sloths like some people I know (me).

Here’s the list of feminist reads that inspired us to start our book club.

The FactCheck.org post on how abortion only makes up 3% of the services Planned Parenthood provides.

Yes, “sologamy” is a thing now.

We talk about a particularly inspiring pair of friends in the book, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow.  They’re the hosts of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend.

And our next book is Lilly Singh’s How to Be a Bawse, if you want to check it out and read along with us.

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