S1.E10 – Put Down The Glitter

Yes you heard a little bit of actual recorded music in the intro today! No, it is not our new theme song, this is “Party Divided” by StatusQ. In our season 1 finale we talk about the time we wore teeny tiny bikinis, killer bods, and our smooth hairless bodies. I hope you read it all breathy. You guessed right, we are talking body image this week. Fresh off the tube (ha ha! turned it on it’s side) experience down the San Marcos River we delve into our personal shames, talk about where we are on the scale of 1 to hate every cell of my body, and top it off with a brief discussion regarding the mammalian phenomenon of having body hair.

Listen to the Season One Finale Here:


Read Episode 10 Show Notes Here

We know, it flew by! Don’t worry, we will drop a couple bonuses in the off-season and we are going to try to be better on social media (look for us everywhere as @jiltedindianpod


Miranda felt we could all use a refresher on these wonderful TEDTalks from Dr. Brene Brown: Listening to Shame and The Power of Vulnerability.

We talked about Ashley Garham’s Instagram shots of her cellulite and how they don’t appear on the final  ad.


There is  arm hair fetish!

Here is the Alicen Grey article for Feminist Current Puja referenced about sexualizing images of women dressed to look like young girls.

Listen to Sasheer Zamata (who filmed her final episode of SNL this last May) talk about the history of razor blades on the 2 Dope Queens Podcast here.

Puja was wrong about Harnaam Kaur’s beard, it is not sad, it is magnificent. Just bask in her body positivism here:

Brock Elbank / Barcroft Media

Curious about threading?

For those of you curious, here are the different types of bathing suit cuts/style

Bathing Suit Types


Go in Peace and Power

Thank you for a wonderful first season!!!!!

One thought on “S1.E10 – Put Down The Glitter

  1. Two favorite moments of the podcast were “I don’t want to smell like urine” and Indian women have to be smooth because Indian men are so hairy. I will miss the distraction of your podcasts while you are on hiatus.


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