S2.BE2 – Zoom In

By Jilted Indian Podcast

Sigh. It has been almost a year since “The Event.”

That is the only reason we have to explain why Puja rapped this week’s theme song. Also Miranda may have a sign-off to add to the end of the show. And Anju needs your recommendations for irreverent Twitter accounts, send them to her @fountofsarcasm.

Just a note, this is another Skype record episode, we are working out the logistics, but thanks for sticking with us!

Listen to Season 2, Bonus Episode 1 here:
And here are the show notes:

First up, we get into #MeToo. In case you have been overseas the last two weeks or woke up from a coma during that time, you may have missed the revelation that Harvey Weinstein is the tip of a sexual predator pandemic in Hollywood. But let’s be very clear, it exists in any industry where the balance of power favors the XY set. Here is Emma Thompson speaking truth to power for the Guardian.

Here is Queen [Samantha] Bee with a summary in case you did wake up from that coma:

UGH. Here is the schadenfreude of watching Negan of The Walking Dead killing an attempted rapist. Trigger warning and it is graphic. Also, we can deconstruct these scene for days in relation to race relations in America today. FOR DAYS.

This episode was ostensibly about SELF CARE –  so here are the things we talked about!

  • Zooming In when the news is triggering. It’s easy to get sucked into a tornado of traumatizing news and it’s extra easy to get lost in social media posts and comment wars about said event, trying to manage conversations and losing one’s mindfulness from empathizing or taking on the emotions of every group being attacked, who are losing their rights, or who don’t have equal rights to begin with [inhale, exhale]. Okay, back to zooming in. It’s important to slow down and really focus on one’s own life and self-care.
  • Aromatherapy showers. Miranda likes these Aura Cacia three-packs.
  • Relaxing with a TV show- Will and Grace and all of Shonda Rhimes shows are back! But especially the women festival on Scandal.
  • Strong boundaries that allow her to focus on herself. Including cross-stitching. We await the reveal of her next stitch project based on Beyonce’s Formation Lyrics:



  • Similar to the concept of zooming out: Puja participated in the 24-hour Twitter Boycott on October 13th, and wants you to read this piece by the wonderful Ashley C. Ford, Why I’m Not Boycotting Twitter Today.
  • The feeling of getting lost in a good book but simultaneously reading a parable for modern society is part of Puja’s self-care. Colson Whitehead’s Underground Railroad is really deserving of every accolade it was given and more. This writing is so subtle that you don’t realize when gets in to your bones and weighs you down knowledge. Silver lining, you have a strong foundation when you need to stand up for what’s right. Also correction, Oprah’s Book Club selection was the seventh award listed.
    • Bonus: Barry Jenkins (director of Moonlight) are penning a screenplay for an Amazon produced project based on the novel.
  • Binge watching things, The Carmichael Show.
    • BONUS the Jay-Z “Moonlight” video off the 2017 4:44 album features Jerrod Carmichael and Lil Rel Howery from the show.
  • Saying “No”
  • And Finally:
    • Salted Caramel Crown Royal


  • A self-care challenge to work into a better balance of things she enjoys.
  • Sleeping. A lot. Anju may be unconsciously practicing Holistic Seasonal Self-Care, which includes hibernating. Puja and Miranda are listening.
  • Video-games.
  • New Fall TV Season (beat it Pumpkin Spice). Anju has said it before and she will say it again, Queen Sugar and The Good Place are great shows.


Random things we talked about to check out:

  • UGH we got it wrong on the episode it is not Bubblegum, but Chewing Gum. Michaela Cole is a comic genius. Look at this season/series one compilation, spoiler alert, it is awkward.
  • Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness
  • Burgers
  • This Scott Peck Quote
  • scott peck quote
  • Finally we close with Sam Bee’s Penis PSA:

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