S2.E1 – Native American Heritage Month: Happy Thanksgiving?

By: The Jilted Indian Podcast

For our first episode back, we wanted to pick up where we left off, throwing shade at Christopher Columbus…well not really. November is Native American Heritage Month. And as we said in our season 2 teaser, Indigenous People’s Day, we want to learn more about the Native Americans. Ipso Facto, Domo Arrigato we devote this episode to talking about Native American tribes that we earnestly wanted to learn more about.

Listen to our Season 2 Opener Here:


Show Notes Here:

Puja’s Links regarding the Hopi Tribe:

“Laguna_Pueblo_Indians” from Wikipedia











Anju’s Links:



There’s a lot of good info in this website, but it’s hideous and terrible to navigate.  I can’t link directly to the section about the Alabama-Coushatta.

I can’t find the link I read from about the true background on Thanksgiving.  

Here’s the video shared on Facebook (Thanks Sinu!):



Miranda’s Links:


I think it’s important to note that there are a lot of white washed resources out there, to be skeptical of stories that don’t truly depict the atrocities committed.


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