S2.BE4 – We Met Hari Kondabolu

By The Jilted Indian Podcast

Puja and Miranda met renowned comedian, podcast host, and documentary filmmaker, Hari Kondabolu after his show at the historic Texas Theatre.

Also – we recorded Hari without asking. We did reach out to him for permission to post the part of the episode with his interview, but haven’t heard back so we will not post it. In case Hari is reading this, we do apologize, and thanks for being so nice. We asked him our signature questions and everything…Please keep in mind that we would have remembered if we weren’t fangirling, which you’ll find out is a different experience for each of us.

Everyone go see Hari and if you missed it, please be sure to catch his upcoming special.

Listen to Season 2, Bonus Episode 4 – WE MET HARI KONDABOLU here:


Read Show Notes Here:

The only show notes for this is why we love Uma Aunty




Here is Hari talking about his mom:

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