S2.BE9 – Vandana Singh’s Ambiguity Machines

By The Jilted Indian Podcast

It’s time for Jilted Indian Book Club!

Where are all the south Asians in science fiction or dystopian narratives? Join the Jilted Indians as they discuss the speculative fiction writing of Vandana Singh, in her short stories collection, “Ambiguity Machines AND Other Stories“. This is our Black Panther. Tune in to see (hear)why.

Listen to Season 2, Bonus Episode 9 – Vandana Singh’s Ambiguity Machines here:

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We start off with the philosophical question of the year, and Puja advises you ask Uncle Google what “demon porn” is on your own browser.

First, we still recommend you read Lilly Singh’s “How to Be A Bawse” and you can find out more about it and her here: http://lillysinghbook.com

Here is the list from the Asian American Writer’s Workshop we used to pick Vandana Singh’s book.

There is a really nice graphic in this 2014 blog post about speculative fiction as a genre.

Read more about the author at her website: http://vandana-writes.com/

What is Bio-Tech you ask? Definition | TEDx Talk on Biotechnology – FLOWERS THAT CAN CHANGE COLOR THROUGHOUT THE DAY????

Reminder about the “Black Panther” rotten tomatoes scandal | Compared to the list of notable publications who did not have WOC reviewing female made and centered movies like a “Wrinkle in Time”


Here is a link to the Rig Veda and  Mitra for those who are interested in the delving into the religious parallels |The principle of the prana | Overview of Sanatana Dharma

Mirza Mughal was a real person

The Himdhara Environment & Research Collective | The Antar group is working for justice and rights for Native Australians (Antar-SA is their South Australian wing)

Listen to the Author on another podcast: Wired’s Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (Episode 299)

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