S3.E2 – Shitty Indian Litmus Test

By The Jilted Indian Podcast

It’s time for a shitty Indian litmus test with the Jilted Indians! We are in season 3 and we have grown into our shitty Indianness (if you’re just now joining us, shitty Indian is a term of belonging FYI). In this episode we check in with where we are as human beings, have we gotten over insufferable shit from our past? Are we halfway there? What about you?

Listen to Season 3, Episode 1 – “The Shitty Indian Litmus Test”

Show Notes

As you recall, we reclaimed the phrase “Shitty Indian” way back in Episode One. 

Early on we settled on the metaphor of Caterpillar Paste to explain our existential angst.  Read on about how caterpillars digest themselves and rebuild themselves from their liquified remains from Scientific American.

So yeah, the metaphor works.

If you haven’t listened to Lizzo’s new album….WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Fix your life.


Some funeral talk here. For newbies, a good primer about Hindu Funerals can be found here. More info about the shraddha ceremony here.  The below photo is from Puja’s father’s shraddha.



The spiders of India are no joke, there are multiple types bigger than your face.

Miranda and Puja commented that the only way to not know you were pregnant would be if you were in a coma. Well humans suck, and that happened. A woman in a coma for 14 years was raped and no one knew until she gave birth…like what?

We talked about legalized sex work, but the term is actually “Decriminalize Sex Work” and activists working in the space of sex worker safety have been calling for decriminalization for years.  Here is the clip of that Brown woman calling for sex to become less taboo so that men stop acting brand new.

Food Talk stuff:

Look if you have a recipe for Eddoes, please send it Puja’s way. And finally,

बैंगन (baigan) = Brinjal = വഴുതന (valutana)= Aubergine = Eggplant





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