S3.E6 – WTF Motherland?!

By The Jilted Indian Podcast

Chances are, you’re quarantined at home. Now you have plenty of time to catch up on some crazy current events in India regarding the most recent heinous acts of the BJP, Hindutva, and the RSS. Our focus is on the anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). How does this act tie to riots, protests, deaths, property damage, and an entire demographic of people living in fear of being rendered stateless? Some of you may be thinking, surely this isn’t India! But it is…How TF did India get here?

The Jilted Indians made this episode to catch you up. For those of you with family in India, and for those of you in the Indian diaspora whose heritage is important to you, press play. Be informed, signal boost facts, and talk about this with your loved ones.

Listen to Season 3 Episode 6 (Season Finale) Here:

Read Show Notes Here:

Not only is the season 3 finale our 50th Episode, but it is also the first episode executive produced by Anju! She is the expert among us on Indian Politics, and we all benefited from the depth of her knowledge and passion. This episode is longer than usual, but it is also coming out during the COVID-19 isolation, you have the time. Because a lot of research went into this episode, we didn’t want to distract from the show notes with pages of links. The bulk of our research are linked in this handy dandy document for you to reference:


We referenced a season 2 episode – The Controversial Censorship of Padmavaati where we originally raged against the violence of the BJP and Hinduvta party.

This video from the Mumbai Collective lecture from February 2020 is really worth the time for a nuanced and detailed understanding of the CAA and Indian Constitution.

Thank you so much for sticking with us in a longer than expected season! We will be back with a couple of self-isolation micro-pods before we come back with Season 4.

Finally, not an ad, but check out Riz Ahmed’s new album “The Long Goodbye” the verse we read is from the first track The Breakup (Shikwa).

Don’t forget to keep up with the podcast and all things Jilted Indian on social media during the hiatus (@jiltedindianpod).

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