S5.E1 – As the World Burns – Bollywood Watch Party: “Dil to Pagal Hai”

By The Jilted Indian Podcast

Remember when we tried to record a season in the midst of a pandemic AND a chronic stress-inducing election in 2020? Lol, and then we couldn’t bring ourselves to keep going? Believe it or not, smack dab in the middle of election day and the declaration of Joe Biden as president, in tandem while isolated in our homes, we decided to sit down, watch a Bollywood favorite, Dil To Pagal Hai, and record a roast of it for 45 minutes. It gave us the levity we needed then and since 2021 is no better we decided to release this episode now. We invite you to laugh with us as we discuss this film and share our top WTF moments.

Spoiler alert: Once again, in a completely different film, Rahul deserves no one.

Listen to Season 5, Episode 1 here:

Show Notes

You may have noted that the title has a preamble “as the world burns” is in it…yeah, its a theme season. When we had our pre-season planning session, we realized that this season would be released during multiple global crises, i.e., as the world burns. So what does this mean for you? Well not much really, this is just an FYI about the acronym in the titles this season.

This episode was actually recorded in 2020, back when we were optimistic that humanity would follow the rules and us recording in or closets would have been temporary, so almost a year later year later, we are releasing it. But you know what? It is probably for the best because we could all need a laugh.

First things first, sorry if you loved Dil to Pagal Hail. Please don’t come for us. Our commentary reflects who we are now, we even ask the question at the top whether teenage us (when the movie came out) would have enjoyed this movie.

Secondly, corrections. Puja’s cousin Kharishma pointed out that Raj Kapoor is Karisma’s grandfather, her father is Randhir Kapoor. We regret the error, but not enough to put an in episode correction.


Background on Movie:

Funny Buzzfeed Review:


Wow those old Bollywood DVD dance compilations from Eros International really leveled up

Transcript of S5E1


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