The Podcast

The intersectionality of immigrant culture, American ideals, and post-modern feminism is a fancy way of saying that this podcast is about what it is like to be a Brown Woman in America. Perhaps one of the good things that came of the 2016 Elections is a need to be sure we are added to the narrative. What is our narrative? Well that’s complicated, we are American but not fully. Either as an immigrant or children of immigrants, we grew up with feet planted in two, sometimes three, different worlds. How does this color our world view and is this a universal struggle? We strive to talk about things like how we consume media to how we internalized shame. It’s going to run the gamut and we hope that you find our stories informative and entertaining. Look Ma, we’re not just sitting around not being married anymore. Thanks for listening!


The Hosts

You can get to know us via the podcasts, but here is how we would describe ourselves.

Anju: Introvert, jaded idealist, social media illiterate, and borderline modern-day Luddite.  I still buy CDs, I don’t trust the cloud, and tech that talks somehow awakens my inner rebellious teenager and I get all “Don’t tell me what to do, Google!  You’re not my mom!” about it.  I have an English degree I don’t use and work in accounting, which tells you how well my actual teenage rebellion against my CPA dad worked out.  I’m a chronic devil’s advocate with a congenital inability to let inaccuracies go uncorrected, so I’m real fun at parties and podcasts.  You can laugh at or pity my clumsy attempts to figure out Twitter by following @fountofsarcasm.

Miranda: I am a weirdo, “in a good way” my friends say. I am a musician, writer, and a sociological text junkie. Whenever I am out and about I am usually ordering too much food for take out or in the dog park wondering why my dog of all dogs takes his sweet freaking time peeing. If you are ever interested in the origins of adrenaline based, shame based, or instability based performance anxiety in musicians (also applies to other arts and sports), see my blog Miranda Writes About Trumpet, in which I don’t think I ever wrote about the trumpet. See? I’m weird. Follow me on Twitter: @mirandageorge.

Puja: I am a misanthrope who listens to K-Pop. I went to law school, passed the bar, and work in the financial sector if that tells you anything about my life. Belonger to illustrious twitter lists  ‘#SingleAF’ & ‘#Adulting.’ I also have a tumblr, but I don’t know how to use it. A founding member and blogger for Sisters In Law Blog, where I write about race and gender politics mostly with a smattering of my struggle to love myself. My catch-phrase (until he does something to piss me off) will be “Dev Patel can get it anytime, anywhere.” Follow me on Twitter or Instagram: @Meanrice.

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