Hey y’all, Anju here.  We’re back this week to (FINALLY) discuss Rebecca Traister’s book All The Single Ladies.  If you feel like we’ve already done this, no, you’re not imagining it.  We’ve been referencing this book literally since episode one but we all (*cough* I *cough*) finally finished the book, so we can actually discuss […]

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S1.BE8 – “HasanBhai”

Hey there listeners. In case you missed it Hasan Minhaj (who we have previously expressed love for on this podcast before) released “Homecoming King” on Netflix on May 23, so we watched it. In the same room. Together. And we laughed, cried, and Puja dozed off because she is terrible at regulating her sleep cycle. […]

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S1.E8 – Spaces For Our Faces

One Saturday morning before 9am our hosts gathered to talk about spaces where representation seems to be getting better, in print ads and in the interwebs specifically. This week we talk about a schadenfreude, magazines, and the web series “Brown Girls.” Listen to Episode 8 Here: Read Show Notes Here: We talk about Grey’s Anatomy […]

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Blog Post: A Marvel-ous Fail

By Puja No new episode; We will  be back next week with one.  However, we are committed to bringing you new content, and in that vein, I will be blogging about a topic we previously discussed in part 1 of episode 6 When in Doubt, Ask An Indian:  “What we heard was that people didn’t […]

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