The Game: Every episode we give ourselves “Shitty Indian” Points and between recording, we dish them out via social media. We will be tracking our points via the Show Notes and via the @JiltedIndianPod Twitter Feed.

The Rules:

  • You can only give yourself a Shitty Indian point (we are not going to call each other shitty Indians, just ourselves)
  • 1 point per disappointment / shitty incident
  • ANY request for double or triple points will be discussed on the podcast for consensus
  • It is recommended that if you claim a point, you tag it with #ShittyIndian, the running tally will be recorded below:

The “Prize”: the host with the most Shitty Indian points will get one no questions asked favor from the other two hosts. Hilarity, should ensue.

Here is our approximation as to where we stand. Where do you rank?


As of March 1, 2017:

Miranda’s Total Shitty Indian Points: 17

Jilted Indian Podcast Ranking: 2nd


As of March 1, 2017:

Puja’s Total Shitty Indian Points: 23

Jilted Indian Podcast Ranking: 1st