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Hey there Jilted Indian Podcast listeners, welcome to a little corner of the internet we would like to call the #ShittyIndians Safe-Space. In case you accidentally stumbled here, and haven’t listened to the pilot episode, here is a definition of #ShittyIndians:

Shitty Indian – (Shit•ty  In•di•an) – ˈ/SHidē ˈindēən/

noun or adjective

  1. A person of Indian descent who, despite their parents’ best efforts, brought shame upon their entire family, sometimes for generations to come.
  2. It does not matter whether you are from India or the Diaspora, the disappointment your parents and extended family experienced is probably because of you.
    • Examples include: Not becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer (in that order), being single or divorced, being LGBQTI, not having children, marrying outside your race, not speaking your native tongue, or speaking it with an American accent, you can’t make chai, or your rotis are not round, etc.
  3. Put another way, #ShittyIndians are bucking the trend and not being a stereotypical Indian. Daring to let your freak flag fly, live without shame, pursue your own dreams, and owning your story.

So what is this #ShittyIndians Safe-Space? Here, we will try and keep up with other #ShittyIndians who are bucking the trend and being #BadassHumans. So Tweet us or tag us on Instagram (both are @JiltedIndianPod) and you may see your shitty self featured here!