S1.E1 – Origin Stories

Miranda here.

It begins!

We have been waiting for this day for a long time. After many drinks, Korean barbecue, planning meetings outside of dessert shops,  daily group text messages, protests, movie viewings, and more protests, we are proud to offer you our pilot episode! Last weekend, the three of us gathered at my apartment and set up recording equipment in front of the love seat that we all sat on.  It was 5 o’clock somewhere so drinks were poured before hitting the red button. We took this photo.



We talked about origin stories, not so much about where we were from but about how we came to be jilted Indians. We debated who might be the shittiest Indian among the three of us (a contest where we all lose). We discussed the importance of telling our stories from first gen/last gen Indian Americans. We made up shitty theme songs for ourselves on the spot.

After finishing the pilot, we took a small break before moving onto the next one. I took my dogs out while Puja and Anju were on editing duty. By the time I got back, A & P shared the news about the detainees in airports all over the US as a result of President Cheeto’s Muslim Ban. We never got to our second episode as planned. We found ourselves at DFW airport standing alongside men, women, and children, in protest.



This was not how we thought that our recording day was going to go, but that ended up being a good thing.

Stay tuned.

Listen To The Pilot Episode Here or Click Play Below!

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