S1.E6 – AAGDI (Part 2)


Listen to Part 2 Here!

We talk about players in Hollywood and the media in general and what we love about them and what they are doing to advance Brown / Indian stories. The honorees are:

Dev Patel (& Lion) – how Dev takes on big roles (in good and bad movies)

Throw some shade at M Night. Shyamalan

Kal Penn his time in the White House and trolling an internet troll for for good.

MIA and Y.A.L.A

We talk about things we are loving that are happening now:

Utkarsh Ambudkar gets some love for his hustle!

The Good Place and Jameela Jamil (the feature photo)

Comedians, specifically @aparnapkin and @harikondabolu


And we talk about our wish lists:

  • More Indian people on screen and magazines
  • POC (people of color) as leads in mainstream rom-coms
  • Brown people in different genres of shows
  • Indians in a hospital
  • Indian people be sexy


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