S3.BE2 – Brown Girl Magic

By: The Jilted Indian Podcast

You met Proma Khosla from our live podcast recording presentation of “A Reimagination of the Yule Ball Gowns” at Leaky Con 2019. Puja and Miranda sit down for an interview with Proma to learn more about her career as an entertainment writer for Mashable, dancer, stand-up comedian, and PROFESSIONAL HARRY POTTER FAN. Yes, you read that correctly.

Listen to Season 3, Bonus Episode 2 Here:


Show Notes:

Abracadabra Shitty Indians, we are halfway through season 3. If this is your first time joining us, then you have missed out. We are catching up with our guest panelist at Leaky Con, Proma Khosla.

Full disclosure: immediately after our panel, when we sat down with Proma to talk all about her origin story and that professional Harry Potter fan life, unfortunately, we had an issue with the audio and had to re-interview Proma (hence, no Anju for this episode, but she still managed to interview in abstentia). Thanks for rolling with us through tech difficulties Proma.

Proma mentioned her favorite band is Harry and the Potters. A little intro to them via their “About Us” page:

This band plays songs about books.

Harry and the Potters are the first wizard rock band. Since 2002, they have played over 800 shows in libraries, rock clubs, art spaces, bookstores, basements, and all ages venues all over the world.

The band consists of brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, chances are you may have heard of Mugglenet, the #1 Wizarding Resource since 1999.

Proma’s interview with Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman for Logan can be found here. Catch up with Proma on her new website, where she keeps track of all her projects, her entertainment writing at Mashable here, check her out in Lion Party Films’ “Ek Ladli Ko Dekha…” short, flexing her multi-talented self here.

If you live in the New Jersey area, the Bollywood Boulevard show Proma mentioned is on September 21, check it out.

Don’t forget to follow her on all the socials at @Promawhatup.  

We hope to have Proma back for an upcoming Bollywood watch party episode. Until then, try to be shittier Indians!

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