S3.E4 The Downplay of Suffering

By The Jilted Indian Podcast

“Oh, it’s nothing,” or, “It’s okay, you’re busy and I don’t want to bother you,” is one thing when you are recovering from arthritis pain, and something else entirely when being hospitalized for something serious. Why is it that brown parents downplay their suffering toward their children, and how has that affected our ability to reach out to others as the next generation? Join the Jilted Indians as we talk generational trauma with friend of the pod and LMFT, Shameela Keshavjee.

Listen to Season 3 Episode 4 Here:

Show Notes:

So you want to break the cycle of suffering and trauma in your life? Well good luck, the journey of a thousand steps begins with one. We talked about some difficult things this episode and we thank Shameela for joining us [and grounding us] again. Visit her website for valuable information and articles about therapy, self-care, and compassion:


Follow her on all the socials:

Instagram: @shameela.lmft | Twitter: @ShameelaLMFT | Facebook

Miranda dropped the name of some doctors-cum-authors you should be aware of, click their names to visit their website:

Some basics on Generational Trauma (2012):

Healing our selves through our Ancestors (2017)

The Stolen Children of the Australian Aboriginals (2018)

The Legacy of Trauma (2019)

The Anger Iceberg as explained by an article from the Gottman Institute

Shameela previously provided this handy dandy Where to Find Help guide in a Trauma training:

where to find help

Puja caught herself and corrected herself to say “died by suicide” Why is that important? Because the suicide prevention movement has articulated that saying “commit suicide” makes it a crime/sin; when study after study has shown that suicides are attributed to a disease or disorder (mental illness). Read more about it here.

Finally, we talk about it a lot put self-care and self-compassion are really necessary tools when healing from suffering.

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