S2.BE1 – Indigenous People’s Day

By: The Jilted Indian Podcast

WELCOME BACK! We are so glad you can join us for Season 2. More Jilted the same amount of Indian though. Speaking of Indian, today is October 9th, aka the second Monday in October aka the day that people in the United States celebrate a man getting lost and discovering something that already existed.

There are so many problems with celebrating a man that caused so much destruction by not really accomplishing anything. We run through our problems with this day and choose to celebrate the conquered.

Check out the beginning of Season 2 Here:

And Show Notes Here:

Here are the resources we referenced in regards to indigenous Peoples Day and celebrating the Native People who existed prior to any so called ‘discovery’




The articles we referenced during the episode about the Columbus Day and old Christopher himself





 Thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts with us (and you)!





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